Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One Life

Nt so bg nt so sml Dis is 1lyf Dt V gt al,
Undrstnd its Value 4m tym2tym,
Dnt knw Vn it giv U anthr chnce 2live D lyf

Prblms R mre bt if close to sum1 Dn Dy 2alrdy get half,
Happyness gt 2X n LUV makes U :D,
Thnk +VE n mk evrydy shyn

If stil feel difficult,close UR eyes n thnk of a prsn U wish in UR life,
N Gt D answr in D vry nxt freight,
Kp :D n mk anthr happy who R living only 4UR Dt :D,

--Karan Chopra

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