Sunday, November 7, 2010


Have you ever been in love with your best friend.?If yes then this is a story which you will understand..
There was a boy and a girl. they were best friends for years and years.they could talk hours on the phone and message each other for days.When they were together not a single sad thought could cross their minds.Everything was GREAT till ONE day.
The boy didn't pick up the phone or answer messages for a day.girl was worried that something was wrong.At night she couldn't sleep and was sitting in her room crying and it was then she realised how much he means to her.In the morning she woke up from a phone call.It was the boy.
Boy: Hey.
G: i'm so glad that you called me.!what happened with you yesterday?
B: i was busy.(Girl understood that something was wrong but couldn't ask.)
B: yoU know, we should stop talking.
G: what.?! but why.?
B: i'm sorry bye. (he closed the phone, it was like closing the door on her face.)Everything else just flashed in her memory.tears.Cars running by her.roof of some building.and a sunset..she couldn't understand why she was feeling so lonely.Empty.And sad.BROKEN.!it was the answer to everything.His words were pounding on her.her heart wanted to jump out.he was the ONE.".WHY.!"she screamed at the top of her voice.she decided to make a last try and get him back.she called him. he PICKED UP.
G: hi.
B: why are you calling.?!
G: i need to tell you something.
B: go ahead.
G: i just wanted you to know one thing before we stop talking.B: tell me.
G: you know in these days, I realised how much you mean to me.I love yoU.(he disconnected the phone.).Something broke inside of her.she did try. may be he doesn't really care about her.may be he wasn't her friend in the 1st place.tears were slowly running.she felt even worst.she left the house and left a note.5 hrs rang in boy's room, he picked was girl's mom.she said that girl was in hospital. she was hit by a car.boy rushed to hospital.And there she was.she opened her eyes and called out his name.he came to her and took her hand.
B: I'm so sorry. it's all my fault.but i promise when you get better, I'll make it up to you.Girl was looking at him and tears were rolling down her cheeks.
G: I won't get better.
B: NO.! no don't say that.
G: just tell me one thing why did you do it?boy told her that he has heart problem and he didn't want her to be worried and there was risk that he could have died.
B: I did it because i love you.
G: i love you too.HER HEART STOPPED BEATING.boy died 10 minutes later from HEART attack.He couldn't live with the thought that she died because of him..if you love someone don't hold back your feelings.Jst told him hw much u love him n hw much u care 4 him..

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