Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time to fly..

So, finally the chapter of life moving towards the next journey of life - this time it will be the place where i have to be from many years but always looking out the chances to do something big by learning sometimes something more thn that is required.. life so far really give me a lot of understanding from various aspects.. whether it would be small or big, emotional or sentimental or the best one and mine favourite "the COLOR of HAPPYNESS" too in mine kitty some of the time.. but now the time is to move to the next level.. going to the home B.T.w.

But still sure going only for vacation and nothing more thn that.. because i am keen interested in searching mine new destination very very soon.. Life changes every second so as mine too.. but this time it gonna be a big.. as i am going to give for the first time "mine life" a real chance - a combination of what i learned from previous years, learning that i get after experiencing different cultures, somhow religion too.. and most important diversification in the way of living a life - these all attributes taught me a lot.. so now its time to give these things a big REAL REAL fly.. by doing something more and more great but not only for mineself (as i always say) but for all.. and will try mine level best to bring colors in life of all those.. that really required.

But on the other hand, i too have a small request to be patient and try to utilize the time i am gonna invest in you as really for me life is very very short and every second is very precious to me.. so better try to understand mine each and every word.. this is all what i want from all.. nothing else.. and i truly believe people will understand me too.. and will not make me emotional.. as i too get hurted very much but still making mine mind strong to say yes KC you have to fight and work for all those who really needs you.. so allowing mine life for giving another great chance... :)