Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Peace SOUL

The peace soul....... The moment of the day, of the life.... where we actually are really what we are in REAL.. no fake nothing is allowed at that time.... It might be at the very next moment or it is just knocking at your doorstep but ????? what......

Why I am not able to make mineself believe that yes the peace time is for me too... but we do not able to believe it so... We need to slow down not for whole life... but just a moment only.. a single moment.. where one close eyes and just (think), sorry no thinking allowed at that time, but try to feel the life.... then wether that moment is either through medication or through listening music or just sometimes feeling GOOD but yes one can feel like that.. I am very much sure.... The only thing is that we need to make ourselves understand that we too can for sure.....

JUST need to stop thinking the worst effect because if there is a sometimes NO GOOD TIME IN LIFE then at very next moment THERE WILL BE SOMETHING SOME/MORE HAPPY MOMENTS WAITING FOR YOU.... ..... ....... THE ONLY THING NEEDED IS WAIT... I KNOW WITH THE WAIT TOO PEOPLE DO NOT AGREE... BUT IF WE KNOW HOW MUCH WAIT WE HAVE TO DO.. THAN WHAT WOULD BE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOD AND WE (HUMAN).... SO TRY TO BELIEVE IN THE WORDS "sometime wait for the better future, not for long but for some moments ONLY"

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